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Troop 224’s objective is to maintain an active and varied outdoor program that has an outing at least 8-10 times per year. Every 6 months after officer elections the troop will plan all of its outings for the next period.  A calendar is then generated that gets posted to the web and distributed to Scouts and parents.  

Key Metrics

2017 Recharter resulting in 49 Scouts

Average age of Eagle Acheivement 16.8 years of age

Total Eagle Count 73 (3 so far in 2017, 8 in 2016, 4 in 2015, 8 in 2014)

Eagle achievement 95% once Life rank achieved

28 Adult Leaders

Troop 224 is an organized group of scouts and adults ready for action and adventure.  We meet weekly on Mondays at 7:30pm to 8:30pm at Greenville Oaks Church in Allen Texas.  You cannot take the “OUTING” out of “SCOUTING.” In fact most boys join and stay in Troop 224 so that they can go on adventures and enjoy the time with their scouting friends. 49 Scouts - 3 Patrols 

Top List 

Troop Camping trips with a mix of activities, with a Yearly High Adventure program
Productive/Highly attended Summer Camp every year rotating camps every year
•Consistent Spread of age groups within the patrols
•Strong  Executive Committee Board and Committee members with yrs of experience
Financially Stable for many years
High Renewal of Scouts at Recharter
High Attendance at the Committee Meetings
Rank Advancement monitored and supported 
Size of the Troop makes it more of a Family than a Scouting Organization
Boy Led Mission – not a continuance of Cub Scouts
Strong Communication via the Troops Web site with a published calendar
Come join us and enjoy Scouting like you have never experienced 
EAGLE COUNT 73 and growing 
Eagle Scout Project Year Number
Hall, Weston Preschool landscaping 2017               73
Miller, Eric Horse Shed at SPCA Collin County 2017               72
Graham, Tyler Kirk Evans of Olson Elementary Planters 2017               71
Taylor, Kendall Faith Church - Landscaping 2016               70
Martin, Garrett Raptor Center - remove 75 trees from prairie land 2016               69
Young, Ben ACO Food Pantry 2016               68
Bruner, Landen Lucas Fire Dept - Table & Chairs 2016               67
Duke, Brady Special Education Sensory Boards 2016               66
Galletti, Austin Child Identification 2016               65
Gueller, Grant SPCA Shelters 2016               64
Ballew, Brady Stantions for races 2016               63
Orr, Dan Solitary Bee Houses - Heard Museum 2015               62
Patoski, Derek Habitat for Humanity Fencing 2014               61
Jacobs, Ryan Book Drive - Grand Texan Retirement Center Library 2015               60
Gordon, Huner Lovejoy High School Parking Spot Painting 2015               59
Vaughn, James Raptor Center - Butterfly Garden 2014               58
King Brendan Special Olympics Regional  - Athlete Villiage 2014               57
Farrell, Christian Fitzhugh Cemetery Veteran Memoral named bricks & landscaping 2015               56
Waller, Jacob Mustang Creek - Christmas Decorations 2014               55
Guillemaud, Luke Lovejoy Elementary Butterfly Garden 2014               54
Miller, Chris Raptor Center - outdoor classroom benches 2014               53
Gueller, Michael My Possibilities - Compost Garden & Rainbarrels 2014               52
Farrell, Brandon Fitzhugh Cemetery Veteran Memoral Concrete layout & landscape/lighting  2014               51
Mair, Stu Heritage Ranch Smoke Detector Battery Replacement 2013               50
Fisher, Zach Raptor Center - remove cedar trees from prairie land 2013               49
Vaughn, Richard Heard Museum - Rebuild Trail/Platforms 2012               48
King, Patrick Seis Lagos Playground cleanup/rebuild 2012               47
Gus Young Raptor Center - Bridge, gravel travel & painted fence by pond 2012               46
Casey Deerman Lovejoy - Landscaping 2011               45
Troy Holmes Sand Volleyball Court (Oak Point Church) 2011               44
Troy Minix Lovejoy - Landscaping 2011               43
Andrew Harres Rennovation Greenville Oaks church playground 2010               42
Patrick Crowley Heard Museum Board Walk 2010               41
Thomas Crowley Heard Museum Board Walk 2010               40
Michael King National Guard Exercise Yard 2010               39
Evan Piles GPS Tagging of Trees for  City of Allen 2010               38
Ben Moore French Drain at FBC-Allen Youth Center 2009               37
Kasey Widhalm Fairview - Roadrunner Trail Fencing/Stations 2009               36
Jordan Landers Care Boxes for Soldiers in Iraq 2009               35
Krys Fergusen Painted FBC-Allen Food Pantry 2009               34
David Wills Forest Grove Christian Church Landscaping 2009               33
Daniel Wills Hart Elementary Kid Zone Area 2009               32
Greg Horne Doggie Dodo Stations - Centennial Park 2008               31
Russell Anderson GPS Tagging of Trees for  City of Allen 2007               30
Kyle Widhalm Lucas Christian Academy Football Benches 2007               29
James Gomez Replanted 200 trees for City of Allen 2006               28
Justin Dunham Trailer Park Beautification 2006               27
James Buchannan Updated Playground at St. Jude's 2006               26
Jared Patoskie Heard Museam Trail - Boardwalk Panels 2005               25
Clay Upton Bird Houses - Plano Fire Dept Fundraiser 2004               24
Matt Britton Bird Houses - build/install around Allen 2003               23
Nathan Klein Nature Trail cleanup/redirect traffic 2003               22
Craig Rimka Allen Cemetary Cleanup 2003               21
Spencer Nicholas City Park Upgrade - East Allen 2003               20
Cody Ford Park Clean Up - Keep Allen Beautiful 2003               19
Liberty Francis Arbor Day Tree Distribution & Landscaping 2002               18
Cole Williamson Used Eye Glasses - Mexico Mission Trip 2002               17
Larry Fackler Repaired Storage Shed & Landscaping for Christ the Servent Lutheran Church 2002               16
Chris Hernandez Used Bicycle Drive - Missions 2002               15
David Britton Walking Trail - Heard Museum 2001               14
Michael Garner Build Tables/Benches - Allen Animal Shelter 2001               13
Patrick Norton Can Food Holders for Allen Food Pantry 2000               12
Steven Rimka Painting - Allen Animal Shelter 2000               11
Brian Barr Samaritan Inn Clean Out 1999               10
Jereme Monson Samaritan Inn Clean Out 1998                 9
Steven Law FBC Allen Landscaping/Volleyball Court 1997                 8
Chris Rippe City of Allen - various facility repairs & paint 1997                 7
Kevin Groves Clean up/repair - Allen Park Trash Cans 1993                 6
Mike Law Caddo Grass Lands / Wood Duck Hutches 1992                 5
Darin Groves  Clean Up of Several Creeks - Allen 1991                 4
Erik Monson City of Allen - Hiking trail improvements 1991                 3
Scott Lehew Fundraiser for a Local Charity (no longer allowed) 1989                 2
Brian Dodge Soil Erosion Control - Allen Park 1989                 1


Griffin Hunt - Eagle Project - Book Collection

Posted on Apr 3 2017 - 2:21pm


This past Saturday Griffin Hunt passed out his flyers for his eagle project.  Tonight he will be asking for support of his second phase.  If you have any books for ages PreK through 5th grade and would like to donate, please bring them to tonights meeting. 

Josh Nichols Eagle project

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 4:53pm

Troop 224,

On March 18th 2017, i will be having my Eagle Scout project, and i need people to help volunteer, i understand that this is the Saturday of love joy’s spring break, but, there will be donuts and pizza. Plus, this could count towards any sort of service hours for any organization. The project will begin at 9:00 am and will end around 3 pm, we will be removing debris from the “Trail at the woods” trail and then filling it with new material. Located off of alma, the address is in the flyer below. Let me know if you have questions about parking or the trails location using the contact information down below.

Also, please RSVP by texting or emailing at: 469-525-8171 and 469-733-6193. 
Email is: jnichols616@gmail.com

No Regular Troop Meeting Spring Break March 13

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 4:52pm

No Regular Troop Meeting Spring Break March 13

Elections coming soon

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 4:49pm

Election are coming!!   Would be a good idea to attend the March camp out and gather support of your fellow scouts to get thier votes.   Get your base fired up to support you as the following Monday will be SPL election.

March 20 - Senior Patrol Leader election and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader selection

March 27th - Patrol Leaders and Instructor Sign up

If you need a leadership position for rank its time to step up and reach out. 

Troop Committee meeting

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 4:41pm

Troop Committee meeting

Adults will be meeting at March 27th, 6:30pm prior to the scouts arrival.  All are invited to provide input or just to observe the operations of the Troop

4 Eagles Ceremony

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 4:40pm

Currently on March 26 Tyler Graham, Kendall Taylor, Ben Young, Eric Miller are planning thier Eagle Ceremony.

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